Our Values, Our Force

Passion. Experience. Promotion of the territory.

Three pillars of the wine companies involved in WineXperience Association. Our Members appreciate amazing locations: the gentleness of landscapes, the respect of an area admired worldwide and part of the UNESCO heritage. An area intrinsic in agricultural traditions, filled with memories of bountiful vineyards.

Each Member contributes with its own Experience towards spreading the history and the age-old customs of Langhe, Roero and Monferrato areas throughout the world. Investors, producers, suppliers and the ever-present Wine Lovers are involved in the Association.


An Association At The Service Of Territory

WineXperience was founded in 2011 thanks to the dream of fifty wineries.

The common ambition was to spread the awareness of product quality, regional production methods and the respect dedicated to the surrounding environment. In this regard, initiatives, projects and activities are carried out for the promotion of the territory, a precious treasure internationally recognised.


Members are the real WineXperience

Members are the beating heart of WineXperience, the main force for the social, cultural, touristic and environmental development. Our Members intend to support the growth of the Piedmontese area and its European and  international  relaunch.

Over a hundred wine companies working to develop contacts and get Wine Lovers, Importers, Suppliers or curious enthusiasts closer to the wonders of Langhe, Roero and Monferrato, already appreciated by the expanding catchment area.